Fair Days

One of the best parts of all my childhood summers was a trip or two to the Canadian National Exhibition.  Of course, no one ever called it that – it was always the C.N.E. or The Ex.   If you can imagine such a thing, we used to get a free entrance ticket with our report cards in June.  […]

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Cool Water

To repeat an overused refrain around town – man, it’s hot!  It’s high-summer here in Toronto and the city’s sweltering.   Stepping outside is like being swaddled in an electric blanket – a damp, overheating, electric blanket – and frankly, I spend a lot of time daydreaming about being in cool water.    Specifically, the heat’s made me […]

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Moss Park

I grew up in the west end of the city – almost smack dab between Dundas West and Lansdowne, near Bloor St.  If you know the area, I wonder what you think, or rather feel, when you hear those names.  Especially if you’ve known the area over the past couple of decades. Well, I can […]

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Dominion Day

Working on a new post, I’ve been up to my eyeballs (literally, because I use them to read) in old newspapers and documents.  But I wanted to take a moment to wish you all a happy Canada Day.  So, Happy Canada Day! My earliest memory of celebrating Canada Day is being about 6 or so […]

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The Delineator Revisited

Occasionally after writing about an individual or building, I’m left with a handful of fun tidbits that, for one reason or another, I was unable to fit into the final piece.   It’s a bit like finishing up a quilt and realizing that some of your favourite squares didn’t make it in – which, if you’ve no plans […]

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Delineating Richmond St W

If you’ve recently found yourself travelling along Richmond St W, between Bay and Yonge, chances are you’ve already forgotten it.  Because, frankly, there’s not a whole lot there.  Oh sure, you have the great, expansive back-end of the Bay on the north side, rising up like an impenetrable cliff face.   But there’s not a whole […]

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