The T. A. Lytle Story

When I first began this page, a year and a half ago, I wasn’t quite sure where to start.  For several years previous I’d been taking photos of old buildings I loved and feared for and so (given Toronto’s reckless building boom) I’d amassed quite a collection. In the spirit of laying seed for something […]

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Well it’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Toronto – okay, all of Canada – and you can tell because it’s pretty tough to find a can of pumpkin puree anywhere. If you live outside of Canada you might be surprised to hear that we celebrate our annual feast so early.  I know that when I was living in the States some […]

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Rascals, Scamps & No-Goodniks

I’ve been thinking about childhood a lot lately (as you can probably tell from my Cool Water and Fair Days posts) and it suddenly hit me that we haven’t come across many kids in these strolls through Toronto’s past.  But, of course, they were there – at the edges of all these stories – even if they were […]

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Fair Days

One of the best parts of all my childhood summers was a trip or two to the Canadian National Exhibition.  Of course, no one ever called it that – it was always the C.N.E. or The Ex.   If you can imagine such a thing, we used to get a free entrance ticket with our report cards in June.  […]

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Cool Water

To repeat an overused refrain around town – man, it’s hot!  It’s high-summer here in Toronto and the city’s sweltering.   Stepping outside is like being swaddled in an electric blanket – a damp, overheating, electric blanket – and frankly, I spend a lot of time daydreaming about being in cool water.    Specifically, the heat’s made me […]

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Moss Park

I grew up in the west end of the city – almost smack dab between Dundas West and Lansdowne, near Bloor St.  If you know the area, I wonder what you think, or rather feel, when you hear those names.  Especially if you’ve known the area over the past couple of decades. Well, I can […]

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Dominion Day

Working on a new post, I’ve been up to my eyeballs (literally, because I use them to read) in old newspapers and documents.  But I wanted to take a moment to wish you all a happy Canada Day.  So, Happy Canada Day! My earliest memory of celebrating Canada Day is being about 6 or so […]

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