Window Dressing

Banner image is of the Murray Kay Co store windows.  From the Dry Goods Review, 1912. In 1890, with very little fanfare (i.e. none), a man named George Cole, who worked at Simpson’s department store, became the very first person in Toronto to claim the title of “window dresser.” Sadly, beyond the fact that he lived […]

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Christmas Catalogues

Banner image is a T. Eaton Company print, pre-1900, from the City of Toronto Archives. When I was growing up the Christmas season was heralded by the Consumer’s Distributing catalogue being tossed on your doorstep.   Of all the catalogues you were likely to receive, it was the thickest and could provide hours – days even – of […]

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Marty the Millionaire’s

Banner photo is of Marty the Millionaire’s at Parliament and Queen in 2016.  Photo by K Taylor.   Not that long ago there was a small group of men that most Torontonians were on a first name basis with.  There was Sam, Ed and Marty and their stores were as individual as the men themselves.  If […]

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