Angus Dallas

Banner photo is of King St W, west of Spadina in 2015.  Photo by K Taylor. As you walk along the south side of King St., west past Spadina, you may notice a dip mid-block where the taller buildings fall away and one low building squats, occupying a rather large piece of real estate.  While I […]

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Toronto Lithographing Company

Toronto Lithographing Company – 461 King St. W.  Photo by K Taylor. High up on my list of favourite Toronto buildings is 461 King St. W. which sits on the south side of the street, just west of Spadina.  It was built for the Toronto Lithographing Company in 1901 by architects Gouinlock and Baker. That an industrial […]

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The Commercial Art Co Ltd

Banner photo is of Toronto St in 1910.  Courtesy of Toronto Public Library. In 1905 an advertising firm called The Commercial Art Co Ltd sprang to life and launched an ad campaign unlike any other in the city of Toronto at that time.  Rifle through the pages of old city directories and you will find numerous listings for […]

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