The Taylor Girls’ Toronto

Banner image is of the Toronto skyline at night, between 1976 and 1994. Courtesy of City of Toronto Archives. It has been far too long since I last wrote here and so much has changed in that time that it’s hard to know where to begin.  Of course, it would be impossible to write a […]

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Christmas Shopping

Banner image is of a Christmas window display, featuring gas ranges and water heaters, in 1937.  Courtesy of Toronto City Archives.  Well, here we are on the cusp of Christmas once again and, I have to say, I’m feeling quite festive.  The tree’s up, carols are tinkling in the background and I’ve big plans for […]

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Jordan and Melinda: In the End

Banner imagine is of Jordan St, looking north from Melinda to King, in 1907.  Courtesy of Toronto Public Library. In our last visits to Jordan and Melinda, we first met the streets in the 1830s as they emerged from the once private land of an American named John Van Zant, and watched as they grew […]

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