Ghost Ad – 1826 Queen St. E.

Banner photo is of 1826 Queen St E in 2015.  Photo by K Taylor.

Sometime between 1915 and 1918 the west side of 1826 Queen St. E. was dressed up with a large painted sign.  It enjoyed only a brief career in advertising before being silenced by its newly built neighbour in 1919.

1826 Close Up 2
1826 Queen St. E. Photo by K Taylor.

The number 1 is all that now remains visible from the street.  “1”?  One what?  Perhaps there is a clue in the building block’s earliest inhabitants: Mrs. Florence Nielson’s Dry Goods, Mrs. Irene Gammond’s Cigars, Sydney Moule’s Grocery, James Hill’s Confectionery and Antonina Demma’s fruit stand.  If the folks who live at 1824 Queen ever let me climb up on their roof for a better look, I’ll let you know.

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