407 Spadina Ave., East side.

Banner photo is of 407 Spadina Ave in 2010.  Photo by K Taylor.

Photo by K Taylor

From the early to mid 1890s, a number of small businesses hung their shingle at 407 Spadina.  First, a wallpaper hanger named W.H. Cheshire, followed by John Regan’s bakery, a restaurant called Bell and Jolliffe and finally the fascinatingly named American Bamboo and Plating Co.  (Bamboo and plating?)  But a painter named J. H. Day must’ve found greater success here as he stayed a good long while, from 1897 to 1921.  And when he did give it up, it appears to have been handed to a relation – J. E. Day, an electrical contractor – in 1922.

There’s not much beyond the brick itself to attest to any of its early residents except for something that resides between the second and third stories…

Photo by K Taylor.

At some point in the last century, Turner and Abray moved in, but sadly I can’t find any trace of when this might have been.

… I suppose I knew that furs could be dressed, but I’ve never thought of them as “raw.”

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