1090 College St.

Banner image is of 1090 College St circa 2010.  Photo by K Taylor.

1090 College St., built 1909.

A sweet little building that still advertises for one of its earliest tenants. Wilfred Magee had his hardware store here until 1914, when Peter Snowball moved in to try his own hand at the business. Mr. Snowball (you realize there are some words you just don’t expect to find as surnames) kept it up until at least 1919. It’s hard to say whose name graces the brick.

It’s a shame the two storefronts couldn’t agree on a second story window they liked.

1090 College


5 thoughts on “1090 College St.

  1. I believe my father was born in this building in 1924. It’s possible that my Great Grandfather had his tailoring shop there. His name was James McClure. I’ll confirm when I find out.

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      1. Will do. Need to find out if the numbers have changed since 1924–For example, my house was 159 in 1920, but it’s 247 now. And if it’s the same place, I’ll pop by!


    1. Ahh, no tailor shop–that great grandfather was at 855 College. But I think then that Grandma and Grandpa lived upstairs and Grandpa fixed shoes elsewhere. But Dad’s birth certificate says 1090 College St…no listing for them in city directories…


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