T. A. Lytle Company Ltd.

Banner photo of T. A. Lytle’s factory on Sterling Road, circa 2009.  Photo by K Taylor.

The T. A. Lytle Company Ltd – Sterling Road, built 1908.

Their business was pickles. Well, pickles and catsups, sauces and fountain supplies … but pickles were what they were proudest of from what I can tell.  And why not?  Also a proudly Canadian company to boot.

On a side note, I love the idea of “fountain supplies.”  I’m envisioning seltzers, malts and other fountainy items.  …That’s right, I said fountainy.

Over a hundred years later, the building still celebrates the ghosts of pickles and sauces past.

TA Lytle 3

TA Lytle 2

Here’s an advertisement for the T. A. Lytle Company Ltd., published in the programme for the “Women’s Tribute Night to Great War Veterans” on November 30th, 1916:

Why buy that imported junk when you can have the “New Canadian-Made Catsup?”
I like the subtly bullying tagline “Better send along your order to-day.”  Sterling Catsup advertisement from the Canadian Grocer, 1911

Covering all possible hot dog needs, T.A. Lytle also had a sauerkraut line.

Sterling Sauerkraut  - Canadian Grocer, 1911
Are you  prepared to meet the increasing demand for sauerkraut?  From Canadian Grocer, 1911

Here we get a look at the pickle jars themselves.  Of course I can’t say for sure, but they somehow seem smaller than our modern jars.

TA Lytle Pickle with Flavour 1911 Canadian Grocer
TA Lytle Sterling Pickle ad – Canadian Grocer, 1911

And finally, here’s a view of Sterling Road looking beyond the T.A. Lytle grounds towards the Tower Automotive building, circa 1912 – 14.

T. A. Lytle 1912 - 14
From the City of Toronto Archives.

If you’re interested in learning more about the company and Lytle himself,  you might find my recent post The T. A. Lytle Story of interest.

8 thoughts on “T. A. Lytle Company Ltd.

    1. Hi! I’m working in the building that you are restoring the sign for. We are all curious what “Fountacanvas” is. Is that correct? I know they made fountain drinks, but wondering what the canvas part is about. Any historical info would be appreciated.


      1. Hello thanks for your interest. It is a combination of two signs. We were requested to do it that way in honour of restoring what is there at present. It once read fountain supplies that was the= T. A. Lytle company. Another sign was painted over that saying canvas goods the = scythes company. Incidently I did find something called founta canvas which threw me for a loop.
        A construction worker explained the canvas good area was covered by a structure that’s why that part of the sign didn’t fade. In short I have deduced that there have been 3 companies here T. A. Lytle, scythes and scyco and all at one point had there signs painted on the building.

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