Welcome to One Gal’s Toronto

I’m a Toronto gal, born and raised, and I love my city.  But more than the Toronto you find today – with its spiky glass towers scratching at the sky – I love the bones of the place it once was.  The human sized buildings, closer to the ground and shaped out of brick, wood and stone, decorated with tile, columns and gargoyles and claimed by names etched deeply to fend off the ages.  They’re becoming rarer than their bland, glass brethren but there are still many of these beauties to be discovered.  Finding them and rooting out the names of the men, women and industries once housed within gives me the greatest thrill – and that joy of discovery is what I hope to share with you here.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to One Gal’s Toronto

  1. Thanks for doing all this research – this is a gold mine! I’m a Toronto guy born and raised, and remember some of the scenes you write about, like shopping in the Coles bookstore at Charles and Yonge. I’m also totally fascinated by the tucked-away historical gems that have somehow evaded the wrecker’s ball in this demolition-happy burg. I thought I was pretty well informed, but you’re way ahead of me.

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      1. One more thought I had after I posted that… have you considered doing a book? I guess these days a blog like this *is* a book, but I’m old-fashioned enough to think an actual bound book would be a great idea.


      2. That’s very kind of you to suggest. Like you, I’m an old-fashioned book-lover and so would love to do one – I just wonder if such a thing would ‘fly’ in this day and age.


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